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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Week 12 NFL Picks

Dallas -11
Jacksonville - 3
New Orleans +3
Pittsburgh +3
NY Giants -3

College picks of the week

Boise St -3 @ Nevada
USC -7 vs Notre Dame

Have a good holiday

Monday, November 20, 2006

A CBEasy pick

College ATS 2-7 NFL Week 11 ATS 2-2-1 Since Week 3 NFL ATS 26-16-3

Well college football couldn't have gone worse for me and so I'll refrain from any picks until the bowl season. .500 in the NFL kind of sucks, but overall I'm doing pretty well for the season.

College basketball is on the agenda today. I like both CBE favorites tonight. Marquette -3 should be able to handle Texas Tech provided they don't shoot like they did in their opening games. Marquette should be able to win the boards in this one, which normally would be a shocking statement, but Tech has been outrebounded in every game by teams the like of Sam Houston St.

Duke -5 is almost a lock. I know Air Force is a good team overall, and the job Jeff Bedzlik has done with a bunch of air force officers is nothing short of amazing. But beating Colorado and Stanford isn't as glorious of a feat as in years past and both have good chances to be doormats of their leagues. Duke has Paulus back and that alone should be worth a 5 point advantage.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Week 11 NFL Picks - Offroading

College ATS 2-3 NFL ATS 4-1 Since Week 3 NFL ATS 24-14-2

Detroit +2 @ Arizona
Chicago -7 @ NY Jets
Philadelphia -13 vs Tennessee
Washington +3 @ Tampa Bay
Pittsburgh -3.5 @ Cleveland

Thursday and Friday Games

Akron +5 @ Ohio I like the name Zips
Pittsburgh +11 vs West Virginia I like Dave W. moustache

Kent St -12 vs E Michigan Directional Michigan schools are usually pretty bad
Central Mich -3 @ N Illinois Forget what I said above

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday Football game

Miami(OH) +4 @ Bowling Green

I like the Redbirds, they've play most of their conference opponents tough all year. I think this is the chance to add another victory to the mix.

Monday, November 13, 2006

NFL means my losing was Not For Long

College ATS 1-3 NFL ATS 4-1

Wow, did I whoop up on the NFL picks this week. Actually I've been undefeated since Saturday, but we'll not worry about that. NFL wise for the season I'm a hair above 60%, but for some reason it just has hit home as easy with College Football yet. I think maybe it's because I look at every game in the NFL and make my 5 picks and don't do the same for the NCAAs. That said, I'll do my best to analyze every College game this week and see if I can even things out a bit.

Friday, November 10, 2006

0-2 ATS, Just great

Well that stinks to lose two games in the final 5 minutes. I am 1-1 SU so I guess that makes everything OK.

Anyhow, I always believe in the value of a body of work, so I'll continue on with blinders on.

Tonight's game

Western Mich +6 at Central Michigan.

I'll post my winners for almost all of Saturday's games tonight or tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Louisville vs Rutgers is pretty easy

Louisville -6.5 @ Rutgers. Now I understand that this is the first time that a ranked Rutgers team has played a ranked opponent in their entire history, but come on. This is Louisville, not Howard, or Navy, or Illinois. This is bad ass offense and a defense that can make one stop a game, which is usually all Louisville needs to win on a given night. Take it to the bank and FEAR THE BIRD.

Arkansas -5 vs Tennessee. SooooooWeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I really need any other reason to pick them. Well Tennessee's D sucks.

Big Game Thursday

Hey people, there is a huge game on thursday and I have made my decision on it after consulting the data. That's right, Buffalo @ Akron -17.5. This fierce half a decade old MAC rivalry is sure to be heated with the bragging title of "Not the lamest MAC school" on the line. After careful analysis, I'm going with

Akron -17.5 over Buffalo. Both teams actually have semi efficient offenses in the MAC, however, Akron clearly possesses the superior defense as Buffalo's defense, in comparison is like comparing this game to the real thursday night affair of Louisville and Rutgers. So enjoy. If I have time I'll run the numbers on that game as well.

Time to gamble bitches

I make no apologizes for not being on this site the last couple months. I've been busy. I worked my way to being debt free and 30 pounds lighter (with more on the way). The hardest part of a blog is keeping up with it. So for the time being I'll be randomly putting up my picks of the week. My picks are based solely on statistical data. No emotions involved. Starting January 6th, I will attempt to document all of the accolades and pitfalls of my gambling odyseey over the next year, whether that be at the casinos or online, kind of a running journal. I'll keep a running total of my monies as well.

Without further ado, my NFL picks for Week 10

New England -10.5 vs NY Jets
Cleveland +8 at Atlanta
Philadelphia -7 vs Washington
St. Louis +3 at Seattle
Pittsburgh -4 vs New Orleans